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Andy Robinson Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri May 4 21:54:50 BST 2007


Good to see someone showing some interest in this area and good coders are
always welcome of course.

I have tons of reference photos, all with their corresponding gps tracklog
(and hence all can be location stamped easily) but having somewhere to store
them other than on my own computer is the main issue. On the one hand having
access to source information for OSM is very beneficial, however I'm
guessing we simply don't have the storage and bandwidth to be shifting and
storing a large amount of high resolution photographic data within OSM
A few are using free image sites like photobucket but that's not ideal

Of course the perfect solution would be that all geotagged photos, wherever
taken in the world and of whatever subject you can think of, are all
accessible, searchable and filterable and overlain as a layer over an OSM
map. That would be really cool and could grow into quite some site. But I
don't think it should be a core activity for OSM itself. In my opinion it
really needs to be a separate project.



Andy Robinson
Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk 

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>hi all,
>i just subscribed to this list and hope that my proposal was not
>discussed to dead earlyer.
>i just tryed importing pictures into josm and there was the idea that
>there is a feature missig, uploading them to osm. i talked short time in
>irc about that and got some pages that provides geo-coordinates to
>pictures, but i also got the answer "well OSM needs its own version at
>some point, becuase photos for osm would noway be fit for
>geograph.org.uk.  I.e. millions apon millions of photos of streetsigns".
>well, i know that this project would not so simple like it sounds ... it
>will generate tonns of data and traffic, wich means some distributed
>solution. but, ok ... i would just get your opinion about this idea, for
>now. if there is a "yes, its cool"-reponse, i am disposed to start
>something like that (just talking is ineffective :)) )
>and, yes, my scripting/programming skills are better than my english :))))
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