[OSM-dev] Slippy maps requesting ALL layers...

80n 80n80n at gmail.com
Sat May 5 10:06:36 BST 2007

That seems to work quite nicely, I've updated Information Freeway so that it
is now using the 2.4-rc3 version of OpenLayers.

The multi-hosting mechanism is now set for the default layer which should
spread the load across the two proxy servers and give the dev server a bit
of a break :)


On 5/5/07, Schuyler Erle <schuyler at nocat.net> wrote:
> * On 29-Apr-2007 at  2:37PM PDT, Dean Earley said:
> >
> > Is there any way to stop the slippy maps (both informationfreeway and
> > www.osm.org) from requesting tiles from ALL layers on startup?
> Followup: I rewrote the page slightly to make use of the
> OpenLayers.Layer.TMS layer (with a custom getURL function) and
> deterministic multi-host tile serving. This latter makes the tiles
> appear very quickly in my Firefox browser:
> http://freemap.in/~sderle/infofreeway/map.html
> This version uses the hosted version of the OpenLayers 2.4-rc3 API at
> openlayers.org, and the above described bug doesn't appear when I look
> at the DOM layout in Firebug. 80n, would you mind trying this out and
> letting me know how it works?
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