[OSM-dev] More OSM software available on Fedora

Roozbeh Pournader roozbeh at gmail.com
Sat May 5 18:41:49 BST 2007

Just to note that one more piece of software used in OSM has been
included in Fedora. After gpsbabel was added with a review by Sander
Hoentjen, now Perl's Math::Vec is also added as the perl-Math-Vec

If you wish to/already run tiles at home on a Fedora box, you can now:

# yum install perl-Math-Vec (may need a few hours for the package to
get pushed to the repositories)

On my OSM-related todo list for fedora are now:
* pngcrush (useful for tiles at home)
* perl's Geo::ShapeFile (needed for coastlines script)
* perl's WWW::Curl (needed for coastlines script)
* mkgmap (may need some tweaks for GCJ, or not)

Any help in packaging these for Fedora or reviewing them is appreciated.


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