[OSM-dev] New MapPaint plugin

Damian Sulewski Damian.Sulewski at Uni-Dortmund.de
Sat May 5 19:07:04 BST 2007

since we have a dev day, here is my contribution to it:
I have updated the MapPaint plugin a little bit, the main change are:

- It comes compiled with a default style (no elemstyles, mappaint folder
etc.  needed if you like the default)
- It supports different styles (you can swap between styles in the
preferences file)
- It supports own Icons (you can add own icons, do not use icons, create
a whole new set of icons for your style)
- Area ways are painted dashed (less probably that you connect a street
to an area node)
- It has an own Wiki page (very early development phase ;-) ) 

Or download the newest jar from 

test it, complain about it, update the Wiki page, generate own styles,
thank me or throw stones on me ;-)

Nice weekend,


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