[OSM-dev] Request for system wide josm plugin location

Christoph Eckert ce at christeck.de
Sun May 6 19:22:12 BST 2007

> I agree with this proposal, however on the Mac it would be better to
>   use the OS standard locations for searching for application
> specific support items. These locations are:
> /Library/Application Support/<application name>/
> and
> ~/Library/Application Support/<application name>/
> If you let me know where the file locations are stored in the josm  
> code, I'll be quite happy to look into helping to implement this.
> The system wide location should be searched first, then the user  
> location, with the user location over-riding the system wide plugin.

was it possible to additionally read a system variable like 
JOSM_PLUGINDIR etc. as third instance?



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