[OSM-dev] Unwayed segments

David Earl david at frankieandshadow.com
Wed May 9 18:17:27 BST 2007

> How often will the index be updated? As often as the planet.osm file?
> I'm wondering when things are going to start re-rendering since the
> rails port update, so that I can see my changes.

It works off the planet file, but at the moment it is started manually. I
was wondering whether it was worth bothering this week given the hiatus on
the server, but maybe I should, if a planet is generated.

> One thing that has shown up when trying out some of the searching
> with this tool is the use of the is_in tag. Basically the is_in tag
> isn't used anywhere near like enough.

Indeed. Though it is a fairly recent innovation.

It also made me think that is_in is a rather crude and repetetive tool. In
particular it doesn't manage multilingual variants - for example Munchen
doesn't have name:en=Munich but does have is_in='...,Germany', not
Deutschland. However, 'Germany' is on the map as a country, so I suppose it
would be possible to look up components of is_in by name and get language
variations from there. Does depend on the care with which the components of
is_in have been made. Perhaps we should specify it a bit more rigorously.


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