[OSM-dev] Unwayed segments (was: Potlatch update)

Doru-Julian Bugariu j.bugariu at wad.org
Wed May 9 22:21:45 BST 2007

Frederik Ramm schrieb:

> If everyone thinks that a "FIXME" way is better than no way at all,  
> one could also go over the planet file with a script and create ways  
> for everything that doesn't already have one, automatically grouping  
> connected segments into "FIXME" ways.

Please do NOT do such a thing. I'm drawing segments where I know a way
is (gps data collected the last few years) but I don't make ways out of
them until I know the name of the street and which tags are appropriate.
This may take some weeks or even months, depending on how many time I have.

Meanwhile other people may be able to finish the work I started (make
ways out of existing segments, add additional tags and so on). I think
that *is* the whole idea behind OSM: many people working *together* to
create "the map".

I'm afraid that if anyone starts to delete hundreds our thousands of
unwayed segments some people might get very upset/angry and even leave
the project.

> (My personal take is, perhaps rather radically, that "no segment at  
> all" is better than an unwayed segment, and I'd just delete the lot -  
> say any unwayed segment older than a month. That would probably  
> shrink the planet file by 15% overnight...)

As I said before, I don't think this would be good for the project...


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