[OSM-dev] Unwayed segments

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed May 9 23:13:24 BST 2007


Doru-Julian Bugariu wrote:
>> If everyone thinks that a "FIXME" way is better than no way at all,  
>> one could also go over the planet file with a script and create ways  
>> for everything that doesn't already have one, automatically grouping  
>> connected segments into "FIXME" ways.
> Please do NOT do such a thing. I'm drawing segments where I know a way
> is (gps data collected the last few years) but I don't make ways out of
> them until I know the name of the street and which tags are appropriate.
> This may take some weeks or even months, depending on how many time I have.

You are arguing against deleting unwayed segments, but not against 
making them into FIXME ways, right?

Don't worry I am not about to do anything, I am just talking. I do 
accept that unwayed segments can be an interim result of work in 
progress, like Harry Wood said - you trace something from Yahoo and only 
later make ways from it. But I maintain that once a segment has been 
sitting around unwayed for some time, it is practically dead.

Personally, I almost never use other peoples' segments for anything 
because I always think that I haven't got enough information. Is this 
really the segment describing the road that I believe must be there? Or 
is it the railway line next to it? Or is it the edge of the forest that 
begins at that road? The segment is worth nothing to me if the person 
who added it didn't provide information.

If I may make a suggestion; you should really make ways from your 
segments even if you do not know the name of the street. At least tell 
us that it *is* a street and not a river, lake, forest, landuse area, 
railway line, or footway!

> Meanwhile other people may be able to finish the work I started (make
> ways out of existing segments, add additional tags and so on). I think
> that *is* the whole idea behind OSM: many people working *together* to
> create "the map".

As I said - I very seldom touch other peoples' segments without knowing 
what they are intended to represent.

> I'm afraid that if anyone starts to delete hundreds our thousands of
> unwayed segments

1.5 million, actually.


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