[OSM-dev] Osmarender: Produce SVG maps for mobile phones (SVG TINY/BASIC)

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>> I don't think it is such a good idea to steer Osmarender away from SVG
>> features that are not supported by SVG mobile. This could
>> signigificantly reduce the features offered by the full SVG  created  by
>> Osmarenderer since SVG tiny lacks a lot of SVG Full features.

>But on 29th January, on this list, you wrote:

> Using Illustrator, I converted one of the OSM maps from SVG to SVG  Tiny .
> The resulting map was identical as far as I can figure. The only  thing 
> which
> differs from the full blown SVG map is that the navigation keys on  the 
> left
> are not working. This happens because according to the  specification the 
> Tiny platform does not support events (which is not such a major
> restriction, since this map will be used on mobile phones anyway).
> So, I belive that SVG Tiny is powerful enough to visualise OSM maps 
> without
> any problems.

>At that time it sounded as if we could use SVG tiny without loss of 

Yes, it actually did but only in the context of mobile devices. Moreover, 
quality is one thing and features is another.

What I tried to answer with my first post is the following question:

If we use SVG Tiny to display an OSM map to a mobile phone, will the quality 
be the same (or almost the same)?

IMHO the answer is still yes. However, I suppose that the extra features of 
SVG Full should not be sacrificed just to produce maps which are compatible 
with mobile devices as well.

Correct me if I am wrong but it just hit me that some are considering the 
option of totally changing osmarender in order to produce SVGTiny-only maps. 
Is SVG-FULL under negotiation?? It didn't even cross my mind!

If this is true, my old post might have mislead some of you for which I am 



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