[OSM-dev] Unwayed segments

Doru-Julian Bugariu j.bugariu at wad.org
Thu May 10 08:47:15 BST 2007

Frederik Ramm schrieb:

> You are arguing against deleting unwayed segments, but not against 
> making them into FIXME ways, right?

Yes, sorry. My quoting is a little bit confusing. ;-)

> Personally, I almost never use other peoples' segments for anything 
> because I always think that I haven't got enough information. Is this 
> really the segment describing the road that I believe must be there? Or 
> is it the railway line next to it? Or is it the edge of the forest that 
> begins at that road? The segment is worth nothing to me if the person 
> who added it didn't provide information.

If I'm pretty sure, that a segment, that has not been touched for a
while may be a street I make a way out of it and attach some tags. I had
the situation that I "logged" the Island Spiekeroog long before I heard
about OSM. Unfortunetely I only had the saved GPS coordinates but not
the street names and so on. So the only information I could provide was
the position of the roads (segments). Hey, after two months or so
somebody made ways out of them. That is what fascinates me in projects
like OSM.

> If I may make a suggestion; you should really make ways from your 
> segments even if you do not know the name of the street. At least tell 
> us that it *is* a street and not a river, lake, forest, landuse area, 
> railway line, or footway!

OK. Good point. Maybe we could enhance JOSM to use different colors for
"unfinished" ways (wahtever they may be). Maybe it would make sense to
add a specific value that is common for *all* keys, like INCOMPLETE.
This value can tell somebody that there is more work to do for that
*key* for that way. It shouldn't be displayed by renderers but only by
maplint or editors to see where some work is still needed. For example:

speed_limit=INCOMPLETE -> I know there is some speed limitation, but
don't exactly know where it starts or if it says 70 or 80.

Or something like that.

>> I'm afraid that if anyone starts to delete hundreds our thousands of
>> unwayed segments
> 1.5 million, actually.

Oh... ;-)


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