[OSM-dev] potlatch escape dangerous and some nits

luka frelih luka at ljudmila.org
Thu May 10 18:18:23 BST 2007

i've been playing with potlatch, trying to get the hang of it.
these are some issues i found:

right now, pressing escape deletes the whole currently selected way,
no matter what the context. thats scary.

i think escape should cancel any pending operation, like adding a
segment (i always forget to doubleclick),  not delete anything thats  
already done.

if that bug were fixed, there seems to be no other way to delete a way,
or even a segment from a way, without deleting the participating nodes.
as nodes are shared by other ways, sometimes you dont want to delete
the nodes, just the segment . (think about something in a H shape)

a bis)
so it seems to me that selected ways should be deleted with delete  
key, like nodes.

b wish)
once you give users this power, an undo (or at lest undelete) command  
will become very desirable.

c ponder)
it would also be worth thinking about selecting segments in the  
potlatch editor,
so you can easily select and delete a segment between two nodes used  
by other ways too.
right now youd have to split the way twice to isolate that segment in  
its own way,
then delete the way.

one time i got stuck in the "extend a way" mode. i could add
vertexes into any way but not much else. i got out of that by
merging with another way, which then disappeared.

it would help us outside the highres yahoo areas if the imagery wouldnt
zoom further than it exists when we zoom in the editor. a limit in  
options might be
needed if this cant be figured out by the software. the zoom out or  
notices are distracting, blocky imagery would be way more useful.

i found no way to zoom in except into the center of the current view.
something resembling one of the slippy map zooming commands should be  

imho ways are too thin and nodes too small. it takes very precise  
clicking to select
them as intended. i'd make the ways always as thick as the yellow  
selected glow and
nodes into circles even a little bit bigger and maybe just color the  
whole way yellow when its selected.
any congestion can usually be avoided by working in a higher zoom.

it is possible to connect two nodes in the same way in both ways. im  
not sure what the way
ends up looking, but i would suspect it draws two segments both ways  
between the nodes.

hope this helps any - its great to have a lightweight editor aimed at  
i'm looking forward to it working with the server.


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