[OSM-dev] Status of Database Server after 0.4 Upgrade: Fragile

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat May 12 21:53:43 BST 2007


    thanks for the fodder, that'll keep us busy for a few hours ;-)

Would anyone starting work on one of the issues that Steve mentioned 
briefly mention it here OR ON TRAC to avoid duplicated efforts. I will 
start with the very long way issue because I'm at home with the planet file:

> very-long-ways. the map call is failing / timeout on bboxes with have 
> ways with some large number of segments in them. by large, I mean 
> thousands and thousands apparently. Someone needs to (maybe with 
> planet.osm) find how big these ways are and we need to think what to do. 
> Should the API not return the data and give up on too many segments? 
> Should we split the ways up?

The current way length statistics looks like this:

Of about 630k ways total, we have with...

over 5k segments: 3 ways
2 to 5k segments: 39 ways
1 to 2k segments: 53 ways
500 to 1000 segs: 254 ways

I will immediately begin to (automatically) split up all ways that have 
more than 500 segments.

(For the curious, here's the top 10 ways with ids. I haven't yet looked 
at what they are.)

5575 4318034
5426 4311504
5213 4243800
4748 4323625
4638 4272608
4481 4243819
4334 4252727
4089 4247229
3842 4279603
3823 4272602


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