[OSM-dev] Potlatch hackable on dev server?

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Mon May 14 13:07:36 BST 2007

>> Is there a full OSM (Rails) with Potlatch set up on the dev server?

>Not AFAIK, but I may be wrong.

>> If so, what I might do to make my suggested tweaks to potlatch 
>> (Landsat and NPE background, polygons) is work on dev for the 
>> moment, as it'll probably be easier than using a combination of the 
>> Freemap server and the live API.

>FWIW I develop using a local Rails install and a planet-derived db - 
>worth considering? 

It's an idea, but I'm not sure if my home PC is up to the job.... think in 
the absence of a setup in dev, the combination of the Freemap server and 
the live API will be easiest.

>I'm also keeping the non-Rails Ruby API current, so 
>you can actually hack on the SWF part of Potlatch without having Rails 

>I'm currently working on a bunch of Potlatch stuff (segments, POIs, 
>etc.) and hope to have a release in the next couple of days, unless 
>anyone asks for still more features. :)

>When I first started working on Potlatch, I actually wrote complete 
>working ActionScript for a Landsat background - i.e. full tile 
>management code - but stripped it out when Yahoo! came along and the 
>OSM Landsat WMS server was turned off. Shall I dig it out and bung it 
>your way? (NPE will presumably be a bit scarier due to projection 

OK, that might be good thanks.


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