[OSM-dev] perl GD on Mac OS X

David Earl david at frankieandshadow.com
Tue May 15 13:12:45 BST 2007

> ...and that's what I used to install the relevant libraries. Sadly, that
> page has now disappeared, but this seems to be a verbatim copy:
> http://www.libgd.org/DOC_INSTALL_OSX
> If you follow the instructions there it should be pretty painless.

Painless, no. Among other things I had to hack one of the make files to add
a target file that was just missing in one the libpng build (I think it

I think at last I have got everything though. The dependencies and
dependencies on dependencies is just huge for this.

BUT it doesn't work. Doesn't say why, just hangs.

I run
  perl tilesGen.pl xy 2050 1349
and it says
 - Using working directory /tmp
and starts Inkscape (which if I switch to it has no menus except the
Inkscape one)
and then hangs doing nothing. No sign of any internet activity during this,
so I don't think it is hanging waiting for the osm files to download.

Where can I go from here?

> > One other thing: inkscape requires X11; but to run tiles at home
> doesn't need a
> > windowing environment. So do I really need to install X? (Please tell me
> > no!)
> Sadly, yes, you do need to install X11 for a bunch of Unixy stuff on
> OS X. On the upside, installing X11 is just a simple double-click
> operation thanks to Apple's nice prepackaged installer thing.

Again, no. They hide the contents of the disk, so you have to know how to
reveal the package in order to install it.

I still don't understand why Inkscape needs X11 when run in command line
mode with no graphics - I don't even have a monitor on my Mac! - but I guess
that's Inkscape's problem. It's just yet one more huge package of stuff to
burden the machine with.

So far it has taken 4 hours to get to the point of being able to start
tilesGen.pl with everything installed. That's awful. It took about 20
minutes on Windows. I might even give up and go back to running it on my
Windows machine, it's just that I can't run it as a server there.


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