[OSM-dev] Dev is going to burn soon

Lars Aronsson lars at aronsson.se
Tue May 15 15:52:16 BST 2007

Sebastian Spaeth wrote:

> Let me put forward an alternative theory of why that happens:

I think a growing number of people are concerned with the state of 
the server used for tiles at home.  It is tempting to discuss 
theories in the wild, but that doesn't really solve the problem.
More "backseat drivers" only tend to increase the frustration.

It is not clear to me who is actually involved in fixing these 
problems.  As far as I know, NickH alone operates the hardware (he 
installed the new disk) and Ojw is sole responsible for the server 
software.  I haven't heard from Ojw since Saturday-Sunday.  Is he 
present at all?  Can we have a status report?  Please?

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