[OSM-dev] Set up rails on dev server -- what comes next?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue May 15 22:43:21 BST 2007


>> How can I contact the rails server from a web browser? After  
>> installing
>> rails_port to /var/www/nick on dev, I entered
>> http://nick.dev.openstreetmap.org:3000/rails_port/
>> but am not getting a response from the server.
> port blocking from UCL

I don't know any of the dev server details, and I am probably telling 
you things that you already now, but if UCL has a restrictive firewall, 
and assuming you log in to dev with ssh, you can just

ssh dev.openstreetmap.org -l nick -L 3000:dev.openstreetmap.org:3000

to establish a port forwarding which enables you to point a browser at 
"http://localhost:3000/ on your side (assuming ssh and browser are on 
the same machine - otherwise read up on the -g command line option), and 
for rails on dev it "looks like" someone is coming in on port 3000 - all 
the while everything is tunneled through ssh (port 22) and thus 
unaffected by the firewall. And you get encryption for free.

May GUI ssh clients also support port forwarding, but sometimes it is 
hard to find.


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