[OSM-dev] rails schema + mysql on dev v slow

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Wed May 16 15:28:24 BST 2007

SteveC wrote:

>> I'm just not sure why we keep deleted segments in the
>> 'current_segments' table anyway. Strikes me that they don't have any
>> use outside the history table, i.e. 'segments'.
> because then what's the difference between deleted and none returned?
> /api/0.4/segment/42 needs to tell you 410 GONE or 404 NOT FOUND somehow.

Ok, humour me some more, I'm being thick. From the point of view of a  
typical client - say, JOSM - does it matter whether a segment has been  
deleted or isn't found? It's still no longer there and you can't do  
anything with it.

Apologies for cluelessness if appropriate, I'm kind of thinking of  
this in terms of simplifying SQL queries, and haven't quite got into  
the Rails swing of things yet.


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