[OSM-dev] MAPNIK - proposal to drop rendering of underground railway lines

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed May 16 15:54:21 BST 2007


> 2) They are not helpful as a navigational or locational aid
> 3) They impede the use of the map as a navigational aid
> 4) They are very innacurate, non-geometrical approximations,  
> derived from the location of stations

When traveling to places where subways exist, I cherish maps that at  
least have a hint of which stations are connected to which - that  
gives you an instant idea where you can get from somewhere, and is  
much more helpful than just having symbols for subway stations and  
then I have to consult a special underground line map.

So I don't exactly understand what you mean by "impeding the use of  
the map as a navigational aid", but for me, undergrund rail lines on  
a map are helpful for navigating unknown cities.

Which doesn't  mean we need to keep them at all costs, but if a way  
could be found to keep them and change their look so that you only  
really see them if you look for them...?


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