[OSM-dev] two javascript challenges for enthusiastic hackers

Nick Black nickblack1 at gmail.com
Thu May 17 11:43:19 BST 2007


We're trying to sort out registration for SOTM.  See:


The form submits to a ruby script.  There is some javascript validation that
checks the inputs etc.  Problem 1 is that the form submits even if the
validation fails - try it out.

Q1:  How can I stop the form from submitting if the details aren't correct?

Q2: The map location thing is broken - Lat is about 1 degree further south
than it should be.  I copied most of the code from the rails home location
stuff that John McKerrell put it.

Sure this will be a quick problem to fix for Javascript wizards.  Please
submit patches to me - all of the code is on the page.

Thanks for the help.

Nick Black
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