[OSM-dev] Server required for tiles at home (was: MySQL on dev)

Lars Aronsson lars at aronsson.se
Fri May 18 20:44:52 BST 2007

SteveC wrote:

> On 17 May 2007, at 23:31, Frederik Ramm wrote:

> >I'd say, yes, we desperately need a server; dev is obviously 
> >unable to cope with tiles at home. A new hard disk has recently 
> >been installed but the machine is still in "iowait" state most 
> >of the time, and unavailable or unresponsive when you need it:
> but the new drive isn't actualy being used

This appears to be correct.  In my opinion, the high "iowait" 
seems to originate from updating MySQL with one replace query for 
every uploaded tile, sometimes 90 queries per second.  It might be 
possible to optimize the MySQL, but more than so it might be 
possible to just avoid using MySQL in this way.  What we need is 
to hear from Ojw who designed this solution, and for times when 
he's not available to delegate his responsibilities among more 

My own point of view is that *other* users of the dev machine 
ought to be interested in t at h moving out.  T at h, even though it's 
design and implementation might have flaws, is a very important 
project that we have come to depend upon.  It's "in production" 
rather than a prototype in early development.

This means t at h needs to change from ojw's personal development 
prototype to an official subsystem of OSM.  I suggest that 
Frederik Ramm takes over as deputy subsystem manager until we hear 
from Ojw.  With today's removal of the MySQL updates (since 14:00 
BST, according to the Munin graphs), it appears this is already 

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