[OSM-dev] Server required for tiles at home (was: MySQL on dev)

SteveC steve at asklater.com
Fri May 18 13:09:37 BST 2007

On 17 May 2007, at 23:31, Frederik Ramm wrote:

> Hi,
> Lars Aronsson wrote:
>> As a mapper without a developer account, I'm very dependent on
>> having a working tiles at home server.  Currently, the "dev" server
>> is used for t at h and I think it would be a good idea to move this
>> subproject out to its own server.
> I second this proposal.
> There have been a number of postings in the last few months where  
> people
> wrote that they have, or might have, some kind of server available for
> use by OSM, and asked if one is needed at all.
> I'd say, yes, we desperately need a server; dev is obviously unable to
> cope with tiles at home. A new hard disk has recently been installed but
> the machine is still in "iowait" state most of the time, and  
> unavailable
> or unresponsive when you need it:

but the new drive isn't actualy being used

have fun,

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