[OSM-dev] Potlatch delete bug?

Håkon Enger hakon.enger at fys.uio.no
Tue May 22 20:40:23 BST 2007

On Tue, 22 May 2007, Richard Fairhurst wrote:

> Unfortunately I won't be able to fix until Friday, as I can't access
> port 3690 from work and therefore can't check out the source - OSM's
> svn repository works (happily) over port 80, but there's a dependency
> on suven.no-ip.org, which is port 3690.

Ok, I wont be deleting any ways in Potlatch for a while, then... I have a 
few other complaints about Potlatch, though:
- When switching from the slippy map to the editor using the "Edit" tab, 
the position on which I am placed in the editor is not where I was in the 
slippy map.
- Switching back is even worse, I am placed at the initial position of the 
Slippy map again.
- Often I want to move nodes just a bit - a few meters or so - to align 
them with the aerial imagery or to make a straight way really straight. 
There seems to be a minimal distance one must move a point before the move 
is accepted. This is probably not a bug, but an unwanted feature (for me, 
at least.)

I'm sorry to be complaining so much, I do actually really appreciate the 
work you are all doing on this project!


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