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Brett Henderson schrieb:
>> There are currently four people with JOSM SVN access - Imi, Rob,
>> Gabriel, and myself. Imi has somewhat unexpectedly handed JOSM over
>> ..., I cannot be that same "benevolent dictator" because I lack Imi's
>> overall vision, so I hope that we will manage to get more people
>> involved in JOSM development without dropping that little "QA barrier"
>> altogether. I'm open for suggestions on how to best do that, but I
>> think it can wait until 0.5 is out the door.
> I'm fine with this, so long as it isn't impossible to get changes 
> reviewed and added.  A QA barrier is a good idea if the committers have 
> the time to deal with patches in a timely manner.

I offer to refactor some of the josm-code to have
getters+setters (instead of public properties), parameter-checking,
error-messages and exception-handling after I'm back from vacation
next week. (Comming from the medical-parts of software-development
it really hurts to see so much code highlighted in red in eclipse.)

> The date code I've added is almost identical to the code included in 
> osmosis.  osmosis is capable of parsing a 16GB planet into full-blown 
> objects in less than 15 minutes which required a few tweaks and some 
> custom code to achieve.  JOSM parse time isn't as critical.  At some 
> point it may be possible to factor out common code between various java 
> applications into a common library but I don't want to attempt that task 
> yet.

Sounds like a great idea to do after the waves of the 0.5-change
have calmed down. After all, they all implement fast parsing of
osm-xml-data, osm-api-downloads and a lot of utility-functions.
So such a library could reduct the work and the number of bugs
for every of the (java-)developers and lift the bar for new


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