[OSM-dev] Josm-patches and osm-lib was:OSM Date Formats

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Oct 2 09:47:14 BST 2007


> I offer to refactor some of the josm-code to have
> getters+setters (instead of public properties), parameter-checking,
> error-messages and exception-handling after I'm back from vacation
> next week.

No, please don't do that. Having public properties and very little  
exception stuff is a deliberate design choice that Imi made and it  
worked well for us. I know that it is not exactly popular in Java  
circles but Imi had good reasons for it, and it is not ok to just  
throw all this overboard in order to make Eclipse happy. (And it  
doesn't paint JOSM code red with the default settings I am using..?)

At least, if you want to streamline JOSM in the manner you have  
described, discuss this with Imi and try to understand why he did it  
the way he did it.


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