[OSM-dev] Addressable maps & updated URL?

Christophe Cattelain xof at skynet.be
Thu Oct 4 17:18:02 BST 2007

Tom Hughes a écrit :
> The problem with using the fragment is that we'll have to do all the
> argument parsing ourselves as rails won't understand it :-(
> Tom
Ho, that's right!...  That is why we did not find something like

> query = location.search;

I wasn't aware of 'rails' (*)...

The standard mecanism for arguments passing uses a '?'.  Replacing it by
a '#' is a kind of hack.  As '#' is used for inside-page links, the page
is not (re)-loaded when something changes after the '#'.

Now, I don't know...  (it would be nice if 'rails' was aware of the


(*) and still am...  I don't know what it is for?, if it is important to
have it? if it can be changed?,...  But, I am aware that cross-browser
compatibility is not a small issue.

There is a code for argument parsing in Flanagan's book (to be adapted
for the '#' as I wrote earlier).  In the chapter 13, in a section 'The
Location object'.  ("Javascript, the definitive guide", one can see the
code in http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/jscript4/toc.html ->13 -> The
Location Object)

But I didn't expect so many changes...

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