[OSM-dev] planet diff and excerpts

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Oct 11 14:22:08 BST 2007


> If relations can contain other relations

They definitely can and it isn't that esoteric: People have proposed  
to (a) combine different direction lanes of a dual carriageway into a  
relation, and (b) combine shorter stretches of motorways etc. into  
one long relation representing "the whole M25" or so. Taken together,  
this would already constitute a case where a relation is a member of  
another relation.

> I don't think osmosis
> will be able to support it because it always works in a streamy  
> fashion,
> working around that will be difficult.

Well it's not *too* important at the moment; the API will only give  
you those relations of which one member is in the bounding box too,  
it will not recurse down (or up) relations either. I guess we'll just  
see how this is going to be used and then react ;-)


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