[OSM-dev] potlatch and 0.5

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Mon Oct 15 11:52:05 BST 2007

Nick Whitelegg wrote:

> Now we have 0.5 my idea of creating a custom walker's editor for OSM is
> potentially a lot easier (I always hated segments and found they made
> things 10 times harder lol!)  One solution would be an AJAX based editor
> using openlayers, which would involve me resurrecting something I played
> around with over Easter; another would be to adapt Potlatch. How easy -
> now we have 0.5 - would it be for me to set up Potlatch on the freemap
> server and have it communicate with OSM via a proxy script?

Dead easy - you don't even need a proxy script. You just need a  
crossdomain.xml file on openstreetmap.org which would allow SWFs from  
free-map.org.uk to access resources on openstreetmap.org.

In addition, you'd need to authenticate by setting the 'token'  
variable (in JavaScript, passed to the Potlatch SWF) to  
"username+password". I built that in for you last time you suggested  
this. :)

What kind of custom features are you thinking of?


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