[OSM-dev] Thumbs up for the latest JOSM (and OSM 0.5) changes!!!

Ulf Lamping ulf.lamping at web.de
Mon Oct 15 19:52:03 BST 2007

Hi List!

For some weeks I didn't had any time to work on OSM / JOSM and tried out 
latest JOSM today with mixed feelings following the mailing list 
problems mentioned the last days.

I don't know if I simply found the right time to start using JOSM again 
(so I missed the serious bugs ;-), or I'm just not biased how JOSM used 
to work - I don't know.

However, what I *know* is that the way JOSM currently works is far, far, 
far better than how it was working four weeks ago!!!

So I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU!!! to all involved into the 
current JOSM improvements!

Regards, ULFL

P.S: I'm usually very verbose myself about things that could be 
improved, but this time I don't even want to put any "yes, but xy must 
be improved" statements to the developers - the improvements weights out 
any probably current minor issues by far IMHO!!!

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