[OSM-dev] Potlatch based OSM walkers editor

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemed.net
Thu Oct 18 21:04:58 BST 2007

Hello Nick,

> - There's a file you gave me which was a .swf, a compiled version of
> potlatch.cgi with my OSM username/password in. I can put this on the
> Freemap server and run the Flash movie on Freemap;

Any SWF I'll have given you will be very old and not 0.5-compliant, I  

But you can grab the current Potlatch (either just steal the SWF, or  
compile it yourself from potlatch.cgi using Ming), and just put your  
username/password in the 'token' variable (sent via the HTML) as  
username+password. If you don't want to expose your username and  
password in the HTML I guess you could set it via a cookie or  
something else that Javascript can read.

> - Then a crossdoamin.xml needs to be put on OSM itself allowing  
> requests
> from free-map.org.uk.
> - Nothing else needs to be done.
> Is this correct?


> Also would it be possible within the current architecture to write  
> a proxy
> script on Freemap to replace the need for a crossdomain.xml on the OSM
> server or would this be tricky?

It has to be on the OSM server AIUI - that's the point of  

> If not, could someone install a crossdomain.xml on OSM so I can start
> playing?

I guess you've got svn access so could commit one - would need to go  
in /sites/rails_port/public/ .


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