[OSM-dev] josm apple-click

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Oct 19 12:04:01 BST 2007


> Maybe we should work out a better mac JOSM behaviour?
> To be consistent it should really pan on two-finger scrolling in  
> both axes right, like viewing an image, text or PDF. How you zoom,  
> I don't know but maybe apple-two-finger-scroll?

I'm happy for any Mac users that submit something because I'm not  
(normally) using JOSM on a Mac, and if so, then only on one with a  
"proper" mouse and exchanged "alt" and "ctrl" keys, so I'm no use at  
making things good for Mac users.

I do however have a vague idea about making all modifier keys and  
mouse buttons configurable in JOSM, so that you can (at least within  
a wide envelope) chose which input operations you want to result in  
what. (I am not a Swing guru, maybe the whole accessibility framework  
already has something that can be used to that effect, no idea.)

There's a piece of code somewhere that creates a new, empty  
preferences file in case none exists. Maybe you want to take that and  
put some platform detection in there, and then we could make the  
defaults platform specific!


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