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Marcus Wolschon Marcus at Wolschon.biz
Fri Oct 19 14:52:13 BST 2007

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Frederik Ramm schrieb:
> Hi,
>> why do you do it that way?
>> Please provide a reason for this.
>> [...]
>> If you can come up with any reason, please add
>> it to http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Key:railway
> It is not a railway specific thing. We generally don't tag different  
> things onto the same objects.

That it has been done this way before is no reason.

If "we generally" do it this way, where has this been documented
in the "Tagging" or "Editing" -page? This should be done.

> If a subway entrance and a post box  
> happen to be in the same spot, we still use two nodes (correct me if  
> I'm wrong here, I assume this is so but I might be mistaken). If a  
> country border ends exactly where the river is, we will usually have  
> two ways using the same nodes, one for the river, one for the border  
> - both using the same nodes.

So you also create 24 ways in the same place at a central tram-station
because 24 tram-lines and bus-lines use that way?
There is only 1 river and there is only 1 way in the real world.

> I think the main reason for this is easy separatability. If I want to  
> draw the Karlsruhe tram network on its own, then I can just extract  
> all railway=tram ways in the area and throw them into Osmarender. If  
> people would tag their ways as railway=tram *and* highway=something  
> at the same time, then It would be much more difficult to get a  
> "clean" tram dataset.

You will have to edit it anyway because tram-lines are not
rendered at the moment. Only the rails they drive on
(would be a fairly useless map).

So what you need is either an XSLT or the possibility
of specifying what should be included in the data you
request. Not a way to make editing a nightmare.

* Give me all ways where "railway=tram"
* include the attributes "railway" "tram_line", "tram_station"
* (implicitly include the nodes of the ways)
* [x]include no relations
(I would be the first to use this, since I am not interested
 in woods, power-lines or cycle-ways and throw away 90% of
 the attributes anyway after downloading since I do not use
 them for routing.)

Reasons against it so far:
* It leads to errors. (In no editor will you see that there actually IS
  a second way in that place. Thus you will not notice
  missing parts of the second way)
* It is difficult to edit and will stay unintiutive to edit at best.
* it wastes space (why bloat the db if we don't have to?)

Reasons for it so far:
* you want to be lazy in downloading parts of the map without
  filtering you output

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