[OSM-dev] josm bugs and enhancement requests

Matthias Julius lists at julius-net.net
Fri Oct 19 14:00:22 BST 2007

Frederik Ramm <frederik at remote.org> writes:

> It is not a railway specific thing. We generally don't tag different  
> things onto the same objects. If a subway entrance and a post box  
> happen to be in the same spot, we still use two nodes (correct me if  
> I'm wrong here, I assume this is so but I might be mistaken). If a  
> country border ends exactly where the river is, we will usually have  
> two ways using the same nodes, one for the river, one for the border  
> - both using the same nodes.

While it is fine for two ways to share the same nodes I think it is
ugly to put two nodes at the same location. Also, I guess renderers
will find it easier to detect that they need to place the two icons
side by side when the two objects share the same node.

As I mentioned before, all of this could be cleanly solved by
relations, if only renderers would support that. Any number of objects
could reference the same nodes/ways without creating confilicts.


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