[OSM-dev] josm bugs and enhancement requests

Maarten Deen mdeen at xs4all.nl
Fri Oct 19 16:12:25 BST 2007

Marcus Wolschon wrote:
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 > Frederik Ramm schrieb:

 >> If a subway entrance and a post box
 >> happen to be in the same spot, we still use two nodes (correct me if
 >> I'm wrong here, I assume this is so but I might be mistaken). If a
 >> country border ends exactly where the river is, we will usually have
 >> two ways using the same nodes, one for the river, one for the border
 >> - both using the same nodes.
 > So you also create 24 ways in the same place at a central tram-station
 > because 24 tram-lines and bus-lines use that way?

I think that is a situation that you don't want to do in that way for 
OSM. Maybe for a specific public transport overlay, but OSM as a map 
does not benefit from that.

I've seen it done in Magdeburg (Germany) where a way has a highway tag 
and a rail tag. JOSM displays it as a railway line which is very 
confusing. I would certainly go for the option of creating separate ways 
for separate modalities.

This is also the way it is done in the AND data for the Netherlands. 
There are nodes with 6, 7 or 8 ways between them.


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