[OSM-dev] josm bugs and enhancement requests

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Oct 19 21:17:13 BST 2007


> If "we generally" do it this way, where has this been documented
> in the "Tagging" or "Editing" -page? This should be done.

I might run an analysis on the planet file some time and figure out how 
many cases have been tagged one way or the other.

> So you also create 24 ways in the same place at a central tram-station
> because 24 tram-lines and bus-lines use that way?

No, you have to differentiate between the physical (there is a tram 
track) and the logical (there are 24 lines using that). The former would 
today be a way, the latter 24 relations.

> * It leads to errors. (In no editor will you see that there actually IS
>   a second way in that place. Thus you will not notice
>   missing parts of the second way)

As I said, this is one of many hundred ways in which our editors should 
improve IMHO.

> * It is difficult to edit and will stay unintiutive to edit at best.
> * it wastes space (why bloat the db if we don't have to?)
> Reasons for it so far:
> * you want to be lazy in downloading parts of the map without
>   filtering you output

Well you haven't managed to convince *me*, I still think that two ways 
sharing the same nodes is the cleaner way to do it, but maybe you can 
convince the others. I'm just saying how I do it and how I *think* the 
others do it but in the end nobody is forced to follow any herd here, so 
if you belive your way works better, then use it.


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