[OSM-dev] Osmosis on etch x86?

Brett Henderson brett at bretth.com
Fri Oct 19 16:43:44 BST 2007

Pretty sure I've found the problem and fixed it.  I've released v0.20 
but the change is untested.  I'm still patching the latest planet and 
will need to let that run overnight (it's nearly 2am here now).  I'll 
kick off a change application job tomorrow morning.

Brett Henderson wrote:
> I used to have fairly strict checking in the change application code 
> to make sure the change action was valid for the current state of base 
> data.  I've relaxed many of the checks but obviously missed one.  I'll 
> look into it.  Should be relatively simple to fix.
> I'll also patch to the latest planet and test it out for myself.
> Christopher Schmidt wrote:
>> Forgot: command line I used was:
>> JAVACMD=~/jdk1.6.0_03/bin/java bin/osmosis --read-xml
>>   file="/mnt/agami/openstreetmap/planet/planet-071017.osm"
>> --read-xml-change
>>   file="/mnt/agami/openstreetmap/planet/2007-10-16--10-17-00:01:01.osc"
>> --apply-change --write-xml
>>   file="/mnt/agami/openstreetmap/planet/planet-latest.osm"
>>> Cannot perform action Create on node with id=74170486 because it 
>>> exists in the base source.
>> Regards,

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