[OSM-dev] Daily Diff Merging (was: Osmosis on etch x86?)

Brett Henderson brett at bretth.com
Sat Oct 20 01:42:05 BST 2007

The latest osmosis v0.20 appears to be working correctly.

I patched to the latest planet-071017.osm which is 17,917,842,715 bytes 
using planetdiff.
I then downloaded the last three daily diffs.

I applied the last three daily diffs as follows:
osmosis --read-xml file=planet-071017.osm --read-xml-change 
file=2007-10-16--10-17-00\:01\:01.osc.bz2 compressionMethod=bzip2 
--apply-change --read-xml-change 
file=2007-10-17--10-18-00\:01\:02.osc.bz2 compressionMethod=bzip2 
--apply-change --read-xml-change 
file=2007-10-18--10-19-00\:01\:02.osc.bz2 compressionMethod=bzip2 
--apply-change --write-xml file=snapshot-20071019.osm

I now have a snapshot-20071019.osm file that is 18,406,415,738 bytes.  
The dataset is growing fast!

In theory, there shouldn't be any referential integrity issues due to 
the planet creation process, I'll run a report to test it out.

Brett Henderson wrote:
> Pretty sure I've found the problem and fixed it.  I've released v0.20 
> but the change is untested.  I'm still patching the latest planet and 
> will need to let that run overnight (it's nearly 2am here now).  I'll 
> kick off a change application job tomorrow morning.
> Brett Henderson wrote:
>> I used to have fairly strict checking in the change application code 
>> to make sure the change action was valid for the current state of 
>> base data.  I've relaxed many of the checks but obviously missed 
>> one.  I'll look into it.  Should be relatively simple to fix.
>> I'll also patch to the latest planet and test it out for myself.

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