[OSM-dev] Patch for Osmosis--complete ways and relations

Brett Henderson brett at bretth.com
Tue Oct 23 15:26:44 BST 2007

Karl Newman wrote:
> Sorry about that. I haven't done much real-world object-oriented
> programming, but I've read a lot of code so I can recognize design
> patterns, etc. I just don't have the experience to say "Ah, I could
> use X pattern here".
What you've written is good.  It's all encapsulated within the 
AreaFilter class so it's easy to change later if complexity becomes an 
>> Yes, I picked up these changes in SVN before I compiled my test
>> version. I didn't see the IndexedObjectStore function, but that is
>> very interesting to me for my routable Garmin GPSr map program. I was
>> about to launch off and write my own, but maybe now I can do it within
>> the Osmosis framework. That program seems to be sort of outside the
>> core Osmosis functionality, I think, but it wouldn't take much to
>> support a plugin framework in Osmosis where "weird" tasks such as mine
>> could be supported without bringing them into the Osmosis codebase.
I originally intended people to be able to write their own external 
plugins so most of it is already there.  The main class that would need 
updating is the TaskRegistrar class which currently hard codes all the 
available tasks.  Probably wouldn't be hard to make it load tasks from a 
file.  It just hasn't been needed yet :-)  If you do wish to plug it 
into the existing pipeline framework, let me know.
>> That's great! By the way, I only added the completeWays function to
>> the 0.5 tasks. I'm not sure how much longer the 0.4 files will be
>> supported, but if you would like I can adapt it to that set of
>> AreaFilter tasks as well.
I'll probably delete the 0.4 tasks soon so I wouldn't worry about 
updating them.


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