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Tom Hughes tom at compton.nu
Wed Oct 31 10:49:57 GMT 2007

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        Lambertus <osm at na1400.info> wrote:

> Frederik Ramm wrote:
>> I don't see why single sign-on should be easier just because all  
>> services run on machines that sit physically next to each other.
> Well, that 'could' allow PunBB to lookup usernames and passwords from 
> the MediaWiki database instead. That would need two things: Some coding 
> in the auth script of PunBB and permission to do lookups on MW database.

Why the MW database? The idea is to authenticate against the
main OSM database not the MW database.

> Just a wild thought: Is the database already accessible from outside the 
> UAC network? If so, TomH could create a read-only account that can be 
> used by the current PunBB installation. Gut feeling says 'no' though :)

Well the MW database isn't at UCL (assuming that is what you meant
by UAC) but the OSM database is. I'm not going to give you direct
access to that though - aside from anything else it will probably
not have a public IP address soon.

You can do authentication queries via the API though - as in asking
whether user X and password Y are a valid pairing.


Tom Hughes (tom at compton.nu)

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