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Lambertus osm at na1400.info
Wed Oct 31 11:02:17 GMT 2007

Tom Hughes wrote:
> In message <47285A41.5070900 at na1400.info>
>         Lambertus <osm at na1400.info> wrote:
>> Frederik Ramm wrote:
>>> I don't see why single sign-on should be easier just because all  
>>> services run on machines that sit physically next to each other.
>> Well, that 'could' allow PunBB to lookup usernames and passwords from 
>> the MediaWiki database instead. That would need two things: Some coding 
>> in the auth script of PunBB and permission to do lookups on MW database.
> Why the MW database? The idea is to authenticate against the
> main OSM database not the MW database.

Hmm, that's what I was assuming the dev forum was doing.
>> Just a wild thought: Is the database already accessible from outside the 
>> UAC network? If so, TomH could create a read-only account that can be 
>> used by the current PunBB installation. Gut feeling says 'no' though :)
> Well the MW database isn't at UCL (assuming that is what you meant
> by UAC)

Uh, yes, sorry.
> but the OSM database is. I'm not going to give you direct
> access to that though - aside from anything else it will probably
> not have a public IP address soon.

> You can do authentication queries via the API though - as in asking
> whether user X and password Y are a valid pairing.

Right, that's what I understand from Spaetz' post (which was posted a 
little later).

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