[OSM-dev] Daily changeset generation

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Wed Oct 31 11:27:26 GMT 2007

Would it be possible to get change sets for the missing days?  From 24th
October to 29th October?

On 10/31/07, spaetz <osm at sspaeth.de> wrote:
> I am sorry for the slight disturbances with the daily changeset
> generation. Things seem to be still a little experimental in that regard and
> I appologize to those who already rely on daily changesets. In order to make
> things better,
> bretth has volunteered to take over the task of making sure that things
> work reliably in the future.
> He has got an account to dev and will be taking care that we always use
> the latest version of osmosis and that changesets are actually correct.
> Please bear with the teething problems for the next couple of days,
> changesets are now being created just as they have been but things might (or
> will change) when bretth takes over.
> spaetz
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