[OSM-dev] Daily changeset generation

Brett Henderson brett at bretth.com
Wed Oct 31 23:59:09 GMT 2007

Diffs 25-26 through to 30-31 are available from:

I'll leave them there for a few days before deleting them.  They're in a 
sub-directory so that the new nightly process running in the daily 
directory (which should kick off in the next half hour) won't delete them.

Let me know if there are any problems with them.  I haven't checked to 
see if the UTF8 issues have been fixed yet but will do so soon.

As for the new nightly process, the existing daily files will continue 
to be available for a few days until issues are resolved.  The new 
process will be almost identical to the old one in the short term but 
will create files in the new daily sub-directory.  The file names are 
the same as the existing files and a new daily.latest.osc.bz2 file will 
be created to make it easier to grab the latest version and apply it 
automatically.  Over time I may change the file naming convention but 
I'll send an email around to give some warning before I do so.


Brett Henderson wrote:
> If there are no objections I'll try to create them tomorrow morning my 
> time (approx midnight UTC) and put them in the daily sub-directory for 
> a few days.  I started to create one before but cancelled it due to 
> the load already on dev (producing planetdiff file among other things) 
> and the fact that I think API updates are blocked while it occurs.
> If I do it when things are quieter the db interaction should be 
> shorter and will cause less problems.
> 80n wrote:
>> Would it be possible to get change sets for the missing days?  From 
>> 24th October to 29th October?
>> On 10/31/07, *spaetz* < osm at sspaeth.de <mailto:osm at sspaeth.de>> wrote:
>>     I am sorry for the slight disturbances with the daily changeset
>>     generation. Things seem to be still a little experimental in that
>>     regard and I appologize to those who already rely on daily
>>     changesets. In order to make things better,
>>     bretth has volunteered to take over the task of making sure that
>>     things work reliably in the future.
>>     He has got an account to dev and will be taking care that we
>>     always use the latest version of osmosis and that changesets are
>>     actually correct.
>>     Please bear with the teething problems for the next couple of
>>     days, changesets are now being created just as they have been but
>>     things might (or will change) when bretth takes over.
>>     spaetz
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