[OSM-dev] Osmosis Replication Statistics

Brett Henderson brett at bretth.com
Sun Sep 2 01:14:32 BST 2007

Frederik Ramm wrote:
> My bad!
> I wrote the original "extract-germany.pl" from which the more general
> polygon extractor was distilled. I got the Germany border polygon from
> a US based web service,
> http://www.maproom.psu.edu/cgi-bin/dcw/dcwarea.cgi?Europe
> and thought others would be likely to use this service - so I just
> implemented the polygon format that they were using on output. 
Sounds sensible to me.  I'll continue to use that format for now.  I'm 
adding a new task (maybe --bounding-polygon to match existing 
--bounding-box ... --extract-polygon could also work) which will look 
something like this on the command line.

osmosis --read-xml file=planet.osm --bounding-polygon file=polygon.xxx 
--write-xml file=australia.osm

If we change the format in the future it should be simple to add a new 
task argument like fileFormat.  For example.

osmosis --read-xml file=planet.osm --bounding-polygon file=polygon.xxx 
fileFormat=maproom --write-xml file=australia.osm

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