[OSM-dev] TIGER upload queue (maps of entire US)

Dave Hansen dave at sr71.net
Sun Sep 2 08:53:32 BST 2007

So, I've started to upload the US census bureau's maps of the entire US.
I've uploaded all of Oregon and a few counties here and there that
people have asked for.  What I need from people now are more wide open
places with no mapping that I should upload next.  Basically, if you are
in the US and have no maps in your area, let me know.  I'll fill them
up, fast.

I've scheduled Montana, next.  Just because it looks almost as empty as

Here's more information about the TIGER data:


And here's the status of the upload that I'm doing:


Plus, the order in which I currently have things queued up:


As always, if someone wants to dump some of the information in the wiki,
it would be much appreciated.

-- Dave

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