[OSM-dev] [JOSM] [PATCH] enhance GeoImage display dialogue

Robert Hart bathterror at gmail.com
Sun Sep 2 11:58:01 BST 2007

The attached patch adds "next", "prev" and "recenter" buttons to the
geoImage viewer.

This is useful when:

a) several photos were taken at the same point (e.g. at different
directions or zoom level) and a hard to distinguish by clicking on

b) if you want to review a mapping trip photo by photo.

Outstanding issues:

* Icons are needed for the new buttons. I am happy to draw and add
these, but it's easier to send a working patch without them.

* The recenter button could be a toggle. Thoughts anybody?



Also please note that there seem to be eol-style issues with some of
the .java files in svn. Personally I though subversion was meant to
deal with that sort of stuff behind the scenes, but there are 100+
java files with mixed line-ending style. Could somebody with svn
access to JOSM look into it?

Robert Hart
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