[OSM-dev] JOSM Plugins on http://www.tegmento.org/~cdaller/josm down?

Ulf Lamping ulf.lamping at web.de
Mon Sep 3 00:55:29 BST 2007

Shaun McDonald schrieb:
> On 2 Sep 2007, at 22:55, Ulf Lamping wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Some JOSM plugins mentioned on the wiki page at
>> http://josm.openstreetmap.de/wiki/Plugins seems to go 404.
>> Should the links go to the binaries in svn instead (I've already changed
>> the livegps link)?
> The wiki page is easier for the plugin authors and anyone else to 
> update than using svn. So in my opinion no.
> Also the more recent versions of JOSM will read that page and allow 
> you to directly download the plugins from within JOSM.
> Shaun
Ok, my post was too short.

The JOSM Wiki page is the list that JOSM uses to find plugins. The 
current link on the wiki page to the colorscheme plugin is 
http://www.tegmento.org/~cdaller/josm/colorscheme/colorscheme.jar - 
which leads to nowhere -> 404.

Most plugin sources are now in svn and at least some of the JOSM plugins 
provide their binaries (e.g. colorscheme.jar) directly at the SVN (I 
know it's not the "right thing" to put binaries in svn, but we currently 
don't have any better). This way you'll be able to download the plugin 
most of the time, which is *not* the case for the various outdating 
links to external web space.

So I'm not interested to put the current wiki page content into svn, but 
to link from the wiki to the binaries in svn and not to the external 
(missing) webspace.

Regards, ULFL

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