[OSM-dev] JOSM Plugins on http://www.tegmento.org/~cdaller/josm down?

Christof Dallermassl cdaller.hw at gmx.at
Mon Sep 3 10:19:17 BST 2007


> The JOSM Wiki page is the list that JOSM uses to find plugins. The 
> current link on the wiki page to the colorscheme plugin is 
> http://www.tegmento.org/~cdaller/josm/colorscheme/colorscheme.jar - 
> which leads to nowhere -> 404.


> Most plugin sources are now in svn and at least some of the JOSM plugins 
> provide their binaries (e.g. colorscheme.jar) directly at the SVN (I 
> know it's not the "right thing" to put binaries in svn, but we currently 
> don't have any better). This way you'll be able to download the plugin 
> most of the time, which is *not* the case for the various outdating 
> links to external web space.

colorscheme binary is NOT in svn (and won't be).

But you are right - we need a place to put our plugin jars (see my other 

Christof Dallermassl
cdaller dot hw at gmx dot at

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