[OSM-dev] upload josm files from console

Joerg Ostertag openstreetmap at ostertag.name
Tue Sep 4 19:40:07 BST 2007

Am Dienstag, 4. September 2007 20:08:38 schrieb Raphael Studer:
> Hi Josm developers,
> I will add a feature to JOSM. It should be possible to upload a .osm
> file from the console withoud an window. Something like:
> java -jar josm-latest.jar --upload mylastchages.osm
> This would let me save my changes, close JOSM and add a cron job
> uploading mylastchanges.osm every morning at 2 am (CET).
> Or just doing some editing while uploading in the background.
> Could someone tell me how difficult it would be to add this feature?

For the use of this feature it would be important to save the osm file after 
uploading. Just in case the upload stops after half uploading. Then you have 
a file with half the uploads to restart the upload.


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