[OSM-dev] Trying to run OSM.org locally

Robin Rattay rotora at gmx.net
Wed Sep 5 13:51:50 BST 2007


on Monday there was a posting on the Talk mailing list concerning the  
bad accessibility of the main website due to the use of JavaScript. 

Since I'm a web developer I am thinking about doing something about that, 
so I've installed MySQL and Ruby und checked out the ruby_port directory 
from SVN to play around with it.

Unfortunatly I've never user Ruby or Rails before and now I've got a 
problem, that someone maybe able to help me out with:

When running 'rake db:migrate' I get the error message, that 
'TheUsername'@'localhost' doesn't have the right to access the 
openstreetmap database. I have created the database and a openstreetmap 
MySQL user according to db/README, but now migration script obviously is 
trying to use the username 'TheUsername' instead of 'openstreetmap'.

What am I doing wrong? Do I have to configure the username somewhere?


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