[OSM-dev] GPX for the future

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Wed Sep 5 15:24:33 BST 2007

Andy Allan wrote:

> An alternative* would be to store the gps points as "tiles" at a lower
> resolution (e.g. 10cm x 10cm boxes) and on each import increase a
> density counter for that tile. The resolution is still good enough for
> OSM, and the table would be a known, fixed size (rows = number of
> tiles in the planet, or fewer if you don't add lots of empty records).
> Josm could draw the tiles as greyscale where a count of one is dark
> and 100 is much brighter, and roads would be distinguishable and
> traceable.

Ok, I think we're talking about two different ways of viewing GPS  
points here, which doesn't help.

You view them in JOSM, as disconnected dots, I'm guessing. I view them  
in Potlatch, as connected lines which automatically break when there's  
a time gap of >n (or when there's a new track).

Simplification works with the latter but not the former; your approach  
would work with the former but not the latter, and would break display  
for those of us who use the Auto setting on an eTrex/Geko (because we  
want to be kind to the database ;) ).

There has been some interest in offering Potlatch's GPS functionality  
through the main API for JOSM, and other, users.


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