[OSM-dev] josm: Gentoo package and plugins

Nicola Ranaldo ranaldo at unina.it
Thu Sep 6 16:57:12 BST 2007

On Thursday 06 September 2007 14:40:14 Hanno Böck wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm currently trying to get a josm-package for gentoo ready. I'm a bit
> unsure which plugins to integrate. For now, my plans would probably be
> something like this:
> having a base-package, which contains just the language plugins (depending
> on the users settings) and osmarender. Beside, I'll introduce a
> josm-plugins-package, which contains everything else that seems worth
> including.
> Tell me what you think.

I'll prefer a josm package ala "gentoo way", with several USE flags one for 
each plugin. If someone interested i have osm-server,  osmarender (not the 
plugin) and some other ebuilds i use on my own (to be revisited due to last 

It would be very nice to have a complete "OSM" overlay for all osm tools 
directly on the svn server. If someone interested i may help to mantain it.


	Nicola Ranaldo

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